Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose Best Cellular

1.  Friendly & Knowledgeable Sales Staff - will provide you all of the things you need to get the most out of your device.
2.  Over 18 years in business - a long list of satisfied customers that keep coming back.
3.  Free billing analysis - let us work on getting the most out of your money with the best plans for your needs.  no more overages!!!
4.  Loaner phone service - in these busy times we won't leave you without a phone.
5.  Haggle free pricing - on equipment and accessories eliminates the need to shop online.  we'll also take trade ins on most models to save you even more $$.
6.  Phonebook transfers done on site - we realize how important your contact list it to you. (as long as your phone powers up & can take a charge)
7.  Out of state activations - buy a phone for a friend, relative or business out of state without worry. we'll ship it for you!
8.  Small Business Credits and Discounts for New Accounts.  this will help pay for your equipment and/or any cancellation fees.  we'll also get you up to 10% on select access charges.
9.  Employment discounts of up to 25%.  we'll do all the work and you get all the savings.  waived activation fees on most of these accounts as well.
10.  We treat you like family!!.  we truly remember most of our customers by name and that's why they keep coming back!!